Mean Friend At School

First blog in 2014 so lets talk about school, oh well i really dislike school but i like my awesome friends acept one annoying girl bully. I really don’t like her,it’s already Febuary now but still i’m not gonna forgive her…… no matter what. STILL NOT GONNA FRIEND HER. Reason is because she bullied me like 4 thimes or 5 times ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways i’m a librarian at school i love being a libraian and it’s because i can read lots of NEW books and just hang out at the library. And i also signed up for a camp in March wich im really looking forward to!!!!!SQUEEEK

so thats all about me so yeah bye!!!!


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stupid teacher stupid mamak shop stupid chatime

  Today is a bad day! This morning i brought my project to school and when its malay class my teacher Cikgu Ramah , the boys call he cikgu rama rama  so teacher pulled their ears and their ears became red as an apple.So guess what she see my project and she purposely spoiled my project. And last time for no reason she beat me she is so crazy.

  Second today i wnt to a mamak store, it was no use!!!!! my mother said: Roti Cainai , then he said takadah.  So i said i want blended ice and not spicy maggie mee. So my mother said ok. And when the blended ice came it was not a BLENDED ICE it was just sugar water. I was like what the hell!!!!!!!

  Last i went to chatime there was so much fly and they skip our number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What stupid chatime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then my mother threw the recipe at one of the people that i working there.


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New Chinese Blog


Mummy helped me to create a new chinese blog.

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Shane’s birthday party

Today  I  enjoy  Shane’s  BIRTHDAY  PARTY , because  I  swam  and  played   in  the  swinming  pool  and  I  played  in  the  tent  too  but  a  boy  snatched  the  ball  from  the  girls  and  Shane’s  dad  took  the  ball  away .

As  for the  food, the  noodle  was  very  nice  and   the sausage  was  nice  too  and  the  cake was  very  very very  nnice  .   I  LOVE  MY  FRIEND  JING JING.  5-9-09

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Fortune God 财神爷

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Miss My Friends

I still miss my friends back in Seremban a lot. I miss Shu Hui, Calista and Jia Wen. I am not sure if they can still remember me, but I miss them very much and hope to see them again soon. I asked mummy to drive me back to Seremban , back to Silver Bell so that I can see my friends, but mummy said we are not going back there anymore and it’s too far. I am so sad to hear that.

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New Home

Finally we moved into our new home in November. I like my new home very much. I like my room which I have specially requested daddy to paint it in pink. I have a Dora bedsheet cover and meimei has a Disney princess bedsheet.

We also have a nice study area which I spent most of my time drawing there.

Mummy is spending more time with me now and less busy compared to before we moved into the new house.

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